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I feel like I have been reading for years. In fact, it has only been a couple of months of marathon reading. Since January I have read seven books. That  averages at what, 2.3 books a month? (I did read books in the space of four weeks which killed my brain for a while!)

When you try to quantify reading it sounds pretty unimpressive. But it does take hours to read a book, even more so if the words trip you up and you have to read back a few pages to remember which man is leading which faction! Of course I’m referring to Tolkien here … Howell’s writing was much easier and fun to follow.

The first time I tried to read Lord of the Rings I was about fourteen. I had watched the first film knowing nothing else about it except that Elijah Wood was in it – one look at those hairy feet cured me of my young obsession I might add. I was most disappointed to get to the end of the first film and realise he was nowhere near the mountain. I had absolutely no clue it was a trilogy and that I had another two films to sit through to find out if he managed to destroy the ring or not.

Unable to wait until the next instalment I went out and bought the trilogy, as one complete paperback. A huge mistake! The book was far too heavy to read comfortably and I always painfully aware of how far I had to go. I ploughed through the first book and got stuck midway around the second. I tried vainly over the years to pick up and restart but never could I get anywhere. I think I managed to get to Shelob’s Lair after watching the second film but that was the extent of it.

Then last year I talked myself into trying again. I finally had all three books on my kindle which gives a handy % to spur you on reading and the book was never too heavy to read in bed.

Again I struggled around the Entish part of the second book and the names started to get a little muddled but I powered on through, supported by simultaneous watching of the films in order to keep the names in my head. Then I got a little distracted with a side reading project and by the time I returned to the third book I had pretty much forgotten all of the names.

However I kept reading and most of it was about war anyway so the names were not paramount to understanding the action. I did eventually pick up who was who and who fathered who else. Then I was relieved to realised that the last 40% of book three were appendices!! I’m hoping no one expects me to read all these in order to claim I have finished reading Lord of the Rings as I will most likely break down into tears, pummel my fists against the floor and vow never to read again.

Although I do like the story of and the never ending ending, the book is simply too hard for me. There is too much detail and too many names for me to remember. But I did enjoy reading and feel fully satisfied with myself for sitting there to the very end. Of the book. Not the Appendices!

Now … what do I read next? The Fractal Prince or another unknown ebook from the wonders of Amazon’s free kindle book list … ?

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