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I managed to read the first two books within the space of a week. Normally when I get into a book I can read it within a few days and then I take a break from reading. Two books in a week is a hell of a lot of reading. As a part-time casual book commenter/reviewer I feel this is far too much in one go but I cannot leave them alone.

Even now as I sit trying to do something other than reading I keep wondering what is going to happen next. I’m a few pages into the third book, dangerously behind on my housework and feeling guilty that my second draft of my first novel is gathering digital dust on my flash drive.

For the first half of the first book I sat moderately unimpressed by the book that had created such a huge fuss when it first became popular. I figured it was the usual disappointment that follows any hyped up media e.g. Avatar being a prime example.

Each Harry Potter book became increasingly dull and poor quality in my eyes as the expectation of publication dates reached fever pitch. Perhaps as I grew older the magic was lost on me. In truth the writing probably never changed but having shut the book on the final volume I don’t think I will ever be able to open another one of them again.

So with hype passed and the very real possibility of accidently seeing the film before I’ve read the books I decided to finally sit down and see what it was.

At almost the exact midpoint of the book I got hooked. The pace suddenly exploded forwards and never stopped rolling. I intended to review each book individually but I think it has been extensively reviewed by far more qualified people already. Instead I’ll write an essay that’s been brewing in my head during the tea breaks once I’ve finished all three!

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